GeekLyfe Gaming is made up of a small group of unique individuals with diverse interests.  You will find us playing just about any game we can get our hands on.  Tabletop games and CCG's (collectible card games) are our main focus.  Warhammer 40k, Cards Against Humanity, 10,000, Magic the Gathering, X-Wing Miniatures, Last Night on Earth, Mysterium, Coup, Cranium...these are a small assortment of the games that we play on a regular basis.  It doesn't just stop at the tabletop though.  Many of us are avid console and PC gamers as well.  We all share a love of gaming.  It brings us together, creates new relationships, memories, and is always a good time.  So if your on a competitive game circuit, A beginner just getting your feet wet, or somewhere in between, we want to welcome you to our group.  Let the games begin!

gaming is our passion